Stress Management Lunch and Learns, Presentations, and Workshops

Help Your Employees be Stressed for Success- Stress Management presentations are available for all levels of employees.  By better understanding the situations that cause us stress and recognizing the impact our perceptions and resources can have on our stress levels, everyone can learn to better manage the stress in their lives.  

Senior Leadership Awareness Building
Stress can have a huge impact on an organization, and the key to successfully managing it is senior leadership appreciation of the issues and the solutions. Senior managers are provided a business case for recognizing and managing stress impacts in the workplace, high-level understandings of what can be altered in a workplace environment to reduce stress, and a basic overview of stress management training that can be provided to employees.

Workshops focusing on the unique stresses of senior management positions are also available for leadership teams.

Senior leadership stress management awareness sessions are often delivered free of charge. Contact In-Scope Solutions to discuss your organization's needs.

Corporate Stress Management Consultation
Beginning with a Psychological Safety Gap Analysis that assesses current practices and existing workplace culture, In-Scope will provide expert consultation regarding existing issues and will collaboratively work with your team to propose initiatives and solutions. In-Scope can then assist your company to plan for these workplace initiatives and effectively implement them into your organization.

Corporate Stress Management
ffectively managing stress can positively impact your productivity, absenteeism, employee retention and workplace morale. In-Scope can help improve your company’s stress management and your employee’s stress resiliency,

Stress Management