Presentations and Lunch and Learns

Helping Your Employees with Stress Management

​Stressed for Success - Stress. We all talk about it. We all deal with it on a daily basis. 

Sometimes it feels manageable and sometimes overwhelming. But what exactly is stress? 

How can we define what it is to each of us, and more importantly, how can we determine

we can do to better manage it? Stress Management presentations are available for all

levels of employees.  By better understanding the situations that cause us stress and

recognizing the impact our perceptions and resources can have on our stress levels,

everyone can learn to better manage the stress in their lives.  

Leadership Awareness Building

Psychological Health and Safety in your Workplace

Stress can have a huge impact on an organization, and the key to successfully managing it is senior leadership's appreciation of the issues and the solutions. Senior managers are provided a business case for recognizing and managing stress impacts in the workplace, high-level understandings of what can be altered in a workplace environment to reduce stress, and a basic overview of stress management training that can be provided to employees.

Corporate Stress Management Consultation
Beginning with a Psychological Safety Gap Analysis that assesses current practices and existing workplace culture, In-Scope will provide expert consultation regarding existing issues and will collaboratively work with your team to propose initiatives and solutions. In-Scope can then assist your company to plan for these workplace initiatives and effectively implement them into your organization.


All workshops contain engaging and interactive presentations, workbooks and activities, facilitated discussion's, and follow up resources.

Stressed for Success the Workshop
Building Stress Resiliency
We are not alone!  In fact, stress impacts many of us with 47% of employed Canadians considering work to be the most stressful part of their lives and 1 in 4 of us feeling that we are constantly dealing with moderate to high levels of stress.

In this workshop we will work together to better understand stress - what it is and how it impacts us.  We will learn about the Stress Control Model and the 3 things (that’s right – there’s only 3 things!) that create stress.  We will also learn about the ways in which we react to stress and think about some of the things we can do to improve our stress coping skills.  We will then use the framework of the Stress Control Model
to build forward strategies that can be used to increase our resiliency and our overall ability to manage stress.
This workshop is designed to empower all attendees to better understand and manage stress in both their work and personal lives.  It will provide practical strategies for better understanding, and increased feelings of control in managing, much of the stress we encounter each day.

Improving Psychological Health and Safety in Your Workplace
​Intended Audience: Key stakeholders who address/will address psychological health and safety
This workshop is designed to give your key stakeholders and understanding of key factors influencing organizational mental well being.  It helps them to answer integral questions such as:  What specific factors make a workplace stressful? How do we identify and understand key factors that contribute to workplace stress and, more importantly, how can they be altered to improve mental health in the workplace? 

This workshop begins by arming stakeholders with the knowledge they need to understand and reduce workplace stress.  The workshop will then provide tools that can be used to assess your organizations overall psychological health and safety.  The workshop will then assist stakeholders in creating and implementing strategies to better manage mental health and wellness in your workplace.  

Stress Management

Effectively managing stress can positively impact your productivity, absenteeism, employee retention and workplace morale. In-Scope
​can help improve your company’s stress management and your employee’s stress resiliency.

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