Lunch and Learns

In-Scope Solutions offers engaging and informative lunch and learn sessions in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. In-Scope’s lunch and learns are fast past, entertaining and, best of all, will help your employees better deal with stress and fatigue.

Stress Management Lunch and Learn Sessions

Stressed for Success

We all talk about it. We all deal with it on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels manageable and sometimes overwhelming. But what exactly is stress? How can we define what it is to each of us, and more importantly, how can we determine we can do to better manage it? Stress Management presentations are available for all levels of employees.  By better understanding the situations that cause us stress and recognizing the impact our perceptions and resources can have on our stress levels, everyone can learn to better manage the stress in their lives. 

Psychological Health and Safety in your Workplace

Stress can have a huge impact on an organization, and the key to successfully managing it is senior leadership's appreciation of the issues and the solutions. Senior managers are provided a business case for recognizing and managing stress impacts in the workplace, high-level understandings of what can be altered in a workplace environment to reduce stress, and a basic overview of stress management training that can be provided to employees.

Leadership Awareness Building

Beginning with a Psychological Safety Gap Analysis that assesses current practices and existing workplace culture, In-Scope will provide expert consultation regarding existing issues and will collaboratively work with your team to propose initiatives and solutions. In-Scope can then assist your company to plan for these workplace initiatives and effectively implement them into your organization.


Waking up to fatigue factors in the workplace

Research has indicated fatigue is 4X more likely to cause worker impairment than drugs or alcohol.  Fatigue is a causal factor in an estimated 20% of all vehicle fatalities and indicated in 5% of all workplace fatalities. This presentation is based on the belief that knowing the health and safety implications of fatigue impairment can create a work culture that better recognizes and addresses the issue. It is designed empower employees by providing awareness of the issues and increasing their understandings of the best practices needed to address it.​

How not to be the walking zombie! how to better manage fatigue in the workplace

Did you know  unmanaged fatigue contributes to diabetes, obesity and heart disease?  When work and/or personal requirements cause us to extend our normal waking hours, it is important to recognize the health and safety issues that are created.  This session will dispel common myths about sleep, bring forth little known facts, and give many useful and practical strategies that you can use to manage your fatigue.

Eye on Fatigue – Moving Beyond Compliance

​​Eye on Fatigue is a unique approach for integrating organizational strategies and worker empowerment strategies to create a strong fatigue management safety culture. This session is focused on arming safety leaders with the background information they need to better understand the risks and mitigation strategies for effective fatigue management.  It will provide a solid business case identifying key business drivers for implementation of comprehensive strategies. It operates on the assumption of management and worker co-responsibilities for effective fatigue management by identifying the organizational requirements, as well as worker strategies, to be implemented.

Sleeping your way to success or How Sleep contributes to Success

Want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your health and be safer at work?  There is one simple solution - get more sleep!  Sleep is integral to our safety and our health, but it is often something we know relatively little about.  This session focuses on helping you better understand how fatigue can impact safety and how sleep is often as important as nutrition and exercise in determining our overall health and wellness. 

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