Fatigue Management

Fatigue is four times more likely to cause worker impairment than drugs or alcohol.  Fatigue is a key causal factor in 20% of all vehicle fatalities and indicated in 5% of all WCB fatalities.  Yet this prevalent health and safety risk is still largely under-recognized by the majority of organizations and industries.  Ensure your workers are aware of how fatigue can effect health and safety.  Give them the information and strategies they need to effectively control this workplace hazard.

Fatigue management Services

Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

Fatigue Training and Education

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Fatigue Training and Education

Fatigue Competency Training is designed for any employee who could have their safety

compromised at work due to fatigue. Competency training content will be tailored to reflect

the needs of you organization, any current or proposed company fatigue management strategies,

and the work being conducted. Employees are provided a follow up Fatigue Management

Resource to assist in learning and retention of information.

Supervisors are provided additional training enabling them to recognize and understand how to

assist workers in managing fatigue.  Supervisors are also given a series of 10 Fatigue Safety

Talks to use in company held health and safety meetings.

Helping workers to better understand and manage fatigue can help mitigate the hazard of fatigue

in the workplace!

Shift Workers
Shift workers understand fatigue is part of their daily lives. The high demands of their work schedules
combined with social and family obligations often leaves them feeling like there is not enough time for sleep. 

This training session is designed to enable people who work long hours to understand how fatigue can
impact their safety and their health, to recognize the multiple strategies that can be used to help reduce fatigue,
and to feel empowered to be able to implement these strategies into their daily lives to effectively manage fatigue.

HSE Professionals

Understanding how fatigue impacts health and safety is essential to being able to properly militate fatigue risks
within an organization.  This session is designed to help health and safety managers better understand how to
​assess operational risks and implement best practice Fatigue Risk Management Strategies (FRMS).  

Senior Leadership Awareness Building

In-Scope has worked with numerous high profile organizations to assist the leadership team in better understanding fatigue management.

This presentation is designed to provide senior managers a better understanding of fatigue impacts on their organization, a benchmark of industry peers, and a recognition of best practices needed to create and implement Fatigue Risk Management Strategies (FRMS).

Senior management presentations are often offered free of charge. Contact In-Scope Solutions if your organization is looking to better manage workplace fatigue.

Online/Customized for Your Workforce
In-Scope Solutions has extensive experience developing online training material for clients. Past online training courses have included fatigue and stress management for health and safety professionals, construction safety management, ladder safety, provincial health and safety information, legislation for retail workers, and more.

In-Scope has received numerous awards for in person and online educational resource development.

Feel free to contact In-Scope to discuss customized designs for online training for your organization.

Presentations and Lunch and Learns

​Multiple presentation are available for various audiences. Presentations are designed to assist employees seeking to improve health and wellness through understanding the importance of sleep.

Waking up to fatigue factors in the workplace
Research has indicated fatigue is 4X more likely to cause worker impairment than drugs or alcohol.  Fatigue is a causal factor in an estimated 20% of all vehicle fatalities and indicated in 5% of all workplace fatalities.  Yet this prevalent health and safety risk is still largely under-recognized by the majority of individuals and organizations.  When fatigue is identified as a workplace hazard, many are not aware of existing best practices and personal mitigation strategies available.

This presentation is based on the belief that knowing the health and safety implications of fatigue impairment can create a work culture that better recognizes and addresses the issue. It is designed empower employees by providing awareness of the issues and increasing their understandings of the best practices needed to address it.​

How not to be the walking zombie! how to better manage fatigue in the workplace

Did you know  unmanaged fatigue contributes to diabetes, obesity and heart disease?  It’s true, yet this very real health and safety issue is so often not well recognized or managed.  Even when workers become aware of being too tired to work safely, they are often not really sure what can be done about it.  

When work and/or personal requirements cause us to extend our normal waking hours, it is important to recognize the health and safety issues that are created.  This session will dispel common myths about sleep, bring forth little known facts, and give many useful and practical strategies that you can use to manage your fatigue.

Eye on Fatigue – Moving Beyond Compliance

​​Eye on Fatigue is a unique approach for integrating organizational strategies and worker empowerment strategies to create a strong fatigue management safety culture.  This approach addresses fatigue as a complex issue that requires comprehensive strategies to fully mitigate. It recognizes the need for both management and workers to share responsibility in adequately managing the risks.

This session is focused on arming safety leaders with the background information they need to better understand the risks and mitigation strategies for effective fatigue management.  It will provide a solid business case identifying key business drivers for implementation of comprehensive strategies. It operates on the assumption of management and worker co-responsibilities for effective fatigue management by identifying the organizational requirements, as well as worker strategies, to be implemented. 

Sleeping your way to success (Alternate Title - How Sleep contributes to Success)

Want to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your health and be safer at work?  There is one simple solution - get more sleep!  Sleep is integral to our safety and our health, but it is often something we know relatively little about.  This session focuses on helping you better understand how fatigue can impact safety and how sleep is often as important as nutrition and exercise in determining our overall health and wellness.  

This presentation strives to offer both a health and wellness and a safety perspective. For those who work in a corporate environment or wish to improve their own health and wellness, it will delve deeper into how important sleep is to our overall health, giving little-known information and providing strategies to help you improve your rest. 

Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

In-Scope Solutions works to assist organizations in designing and implementing customized, practical best practice strategies for risk based fatigue management.  Typically a gap analysis process is used with consultation to design and implement strategies.

Corporate Fatigue Risk Assessments
On-site fatigue risk assessments provide quantifiable data demonstrating key areas in which fatigue risks are highest in your operations. Specific strategies can then developed and tailored to identified risks and existing safety management systems.  Risk assessments can be conducted on-site or via consultation.

Fatigue Consultation

In-Scope will work directly with your health and safety management team to educate, identify, and create strategies for controlling fatigue risks in the workplace.

Strategy Development and Design

Fatigue strategies should match the level of risk inherent in operations. A one size fits all solution is rarely comprehensive enough to have an impact. Strategies must also be in alignment with existing safety management systems to be effective and have long-lasting impact. In-Scope can help design the strategies that will have an impact.

Strategy Implementation

Creating a Fatigue Risk Management Strategy (FRMS) or even a Fit For Work Policy for fatigue is not likely to be effective if it is not properly implemented. To truly have an impact on fatigue hazards, strategies must integrate into current operations and mesh well with your organization’s safety culture. In-Scope will help you to create comprehensive change management strategies to fully integrate your FRMS.